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Now that you've played (and won!) at your favorite online casinos, I suppose you want to know how to withdraw some of those winnings!

• Firstly, you will want to log in to your casino player account and request to send the funds back to your Quick Tender account.

• Then, simply log in to your Quick Tender account and request a funds withdrawal.

• All withdrawals made on Quick Tender will be sent via bank wire transfer, so it is very important to be certain that your bank account information was entered correctly when you set up your Quick Tender account.

• Keep in mind that withdrawal requests can take up to 3 business days to process. If you choose to cancel your withdrawal request, you may do so during this time and the funds will be returned to your Quick Tender account.

• There is a US$30 fee associated with each withdrawal you make from your Quick Tender account. This is a flat fee, so no need to worry about fees based on a percentage of your withdrawal amount.

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